Tungsten carbide tantalum

(W,Ta)C Tungsten tantalum carbide complex carbide solid solution powder, formula (W,Ta)C, gray black powder, is made of tungsten carbide and tantalum carbide solid fusion. The manufacturer adopts the unique solid melting process, the products have the advantages of stable phase composition, uniform distribution, high solid melting, less impurities, uniform particle size and so on.

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(W,Ta) C tungsten tantalum carbide complex carbide solid solution powder, as the additives of cemented carbide and cermet can improve the properties of cemented carbide. It is also used in thermal spraying, plasma spraying, hard film and electric conduction field in electronic industry.

(W,Ta) C tungsten tantalum carbide compound solid solution powder is an important compound carbide powder in the manufacture of high performance cemented carbides in the field of metal cutting (such as automobile and machine tool manufacturing). The addition of (W,Ta) C W/Ta complex carbide solid solution powder can improve the high temperature resistance, redness and oxidation resistance of cemented carbide compared with iron base alloy. Compared with single carbide powder, as a compound carbide powder, (W,Ta) C tungsten and tantalum carbide complex solid solution powder has stronger hardness, better high temperature resistance and better wettability with cobalt powder.

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