Tungsten hexachloride

English alias: Tungsten (VI) chloride; Tungstenchloride; Tungsten (6 +) hexachloride; Tungsten (4 +) tetrachloride; Tungsten chloride

CAS no. : 13283-01-7

EINECS no. : 236-293-9

Molecular formula: Cl6W

Molecular weight: 396.558

Melting point: 275 ℃

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Specification: purity ≥99.6%-99.99% (three grades, 99.6%, 99.9% and 99.99% refined)
Photophobic: Dark blue or blue-purple crystals. Relative density 3.52 (25℃), melting point 275℃, boiling point 346.7℃. Soluble in carbon disulfide, soluble in ether, ethanol, benzene, carbon tetrachloride. It is easily decomposed by hot water and oxidized by oxygen in the air when heated to form tungsten chloride or tungsten oxide. Tungsten hexachloride containing tungsten chloride is easy to be decomposed by water vapor and reduced by hydrogen under high temperature conditions to precipitate tungsten powder.
Usage: In gas phase deposition tungsten plating, making single crystal tungsten filament, conductive layer on glass surface and olefin polymerization catalyst. Used for purification of tungsten and synthesis of organic matter. It can be used in agriculture, chemical industry, petroleum catalysis, intelligent glass and other industries.


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