Vanadium pentoxide

Specification: 98%–99.9%
Physical and chemical properties: vanadium pentoxide belongs to inorganic metal oxide; Orange yellow, reddish brown crystalline powder; Relative density (water =1) 3.357; Melting point 690℃ (decomposition); Soluble in acid and alkali, slightly soluble in water (pH =3.5~3.6), insoluble in alcohol.

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CAS no. : 1314-62-1
EINECS no. : 215-239-8
Molecular formula: O5V2
Molecular Weight: 181.88

Purpose: vanadium is called “metal vitamin”, is widely used in steel, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, ceramic glaze, aviation, batteries, paint, glass, optics, paint, many fields, such as electronics, medicine, rubber, steel, metallurgy industry, vanadium pentoxide can increase the toughness of the alloy, flexibility, strength, wear resistance, etc; In the glass and ceramic industries, colorants are used; Coatings and pigments industry, used as additives; Sulfuric acid and petrochemical production, used as a catalyst.

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