Zinc ferrite brown spinel

Zinc ferrite brown spinel

Chemical properties: Zinc/iron oxide (Zn-Fe-O)
Zinc iron yellow pigment Index No. : Pigment Yellow 119/P.Y.119(77496)
Appearance: yellow powder
Zinc-iron topaz type: epigraphite type

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Zinc-iron yellow is a dark yellow pigment with high coloring power, easy to disperse, with good hiding power, excellent light resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance stability, acid and alkali resistance and chemical corrosion, no seepage and migration.

Zinc iron yellow is compatible with most thermoplastic and thermosetting resins and is a kind of internationally recognized non-toxic environmental pigment. Traditional pigments, whether organic or inorganic, do not have all of these functions.

Zinc iron yellow is suitable for general industrial coatings, powder coatings, architectural coatings, exterior wall coatings, engineering machinery coatings, aviation and Marine coatings; , oil paint, water paint; Sun resistant coating, weather resistant coating, etc.; Zinc iron yellow can also be used in engineering plastics, special plastics, color masterbatch, ordinary plastics, etc.; Zinc iron yellow can also be used in color ink, color glass, daily enamel, building materials ceramics (glaze, glaze), color sand and other fields. In addition, zinc-iron yellow pigment has been tested by SGS and fully conforms to THE European ROHS standard, European EN73-3 standard, American ASTM F963 standard and Japanese SONY standard. It can be applied to the fields requiring higher environmental performance, such as food packaging, children’s toys, tableware and so on.

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