Zirconate gadolinium

Other name: Gadolinium zirconium oxide
CAS No.11073-79-3
Molecular formula :Gd2Zr207
Molecular weight: 608.98
Properties: White powder, insoluble in water. Density 6.32g/cm3, solubility point 2570° C, insoluble in acid, airtight storage.

Purity :99.9%, 99.99%

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Gadolinium zirconate, a rare earth zirconate, has applications in thermal barrier coatings, nuclear waste cured substrates, and solid oxide battery electrolytes. It is found that rare earth zirconate has the lowest thermal conductivity of ceramic materials with lower thermal conductivity than YSZ, while gadolinium zirconate has the lowest thermal conductivity and the highest thermal expansion coefficient of A2B2O7 rare earth zirconate. Gadolinium zirconate has been widely used in thermal barrier coatings in recent years due to its excellent thermal insulation and high temperature stability.

Remark: Customized synthesis can be made according to user requirements, providing special specifications of wrong acid zhao customization, such as nano wrong acid zhao, submicron wrong acid zhao, large granulation wrong acid zhao, spherical wrong acid Zhao, and other composite doping and modification.

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