Zirconium acetylacetonate

Other name: Zirconium-2,4-pentanedionate, Zirconium(IV)acetylacetonate; Tetrakis(acetylacetonato)zirconium(IV); 2,4-pentanedione,zrderiv.; acetyl-zirconiuacetonate; nasemuzirconium; orgatixzc150; pentane-2,4-dione-zirconium (4:1);

CAS no. : 17501-44-9

EINECS no. : 241-241-5

Molecular formula: C20H28 Zr O8

Molecular weight: 487.6555.

Melting point: 171-173℃

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Appearance: White crystal,
Relative density 1.415.
Soluble in water, ethanol, petroleum ether, soluble in pyridine, acetone, benzene and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Origin: China
Quality index:
Total effective content % : greater than or equal to 99.0.
Zirconium content % : 18.0-18.5.

Use: this product can be as additive, and it’s including halogenated polymers, especially the commonly used in the dispensing of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) heat stabilizers, is also used as catalyst, also can be used as a crosslinking agent of resin, resin hardening accelerator, etc.

Risk term: Eating harmful
Storage: store in a cool, dry place.
Security term:
Do not inhale dust.
Wear appropriate protective clothing and gloves.


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