(Zr,Nb)C Zirconium niobium carbide

(Zr,Nb)C Zirconium niobium carbide complex carbide solid solution powder.
Is a new type of structure and function of wear-resistant high temperature resistant material, with tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, chromium carbide, titanium nitride, zirconium and hafnium carbide carbide rare metal carbide formed three yuan, four yuan, five yuan and six yuan compound solid solution, can improve the alloy material of red hardness, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance and other properties.

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Application scope:
(Zr,Nb)C Zirconium and niobium carbide solid solution powder powder material, widely used in mechanical processing, electronic information, metallurgy, minerals, aerospace and other fields. Widely used in refractory high temperature materials and cemented carbide additives. In the field of hard alloy numerical control blade, it can replace expensive tantalum carbide to produce high temperature and wear-resistant numerical control cutting tools.
Powder material, can also be used to manufacture multiphase materials, cermet, heat resistant alloy, high temperature materials, wear-resistant materials, spraying materials, welding materials, military aviation materials, hard alloy, anti-wear materials, high temperature radiation materials and other high temperature vacuum devices.

Product Application cases:
Adding 1-10% (Zr,Nb)C complex zirconium and niobium carbide solid solution powder material to cermet and cemented carbide nc tools can greatly improve the high temperature resistance, wear resistance and cutting performance of NC tools without adding expensive tantalum carbide.

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