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To verify the microstructure and properties of laser cladding tungsten carbide nanometer layer

In tungsten carbide, carbon atoms embedded in the gap of the tungsten metal lattice do not destroy the original metal lattice and form interstitial solid solution, so it is also called interstitial compound. Tungsten carbide can be prepared by heating a mixture of tungsten and carbon at high temperatures, and the presence of hydrogen or warp accelerates the reaction. If the oxygen-containing compound of tungsten is used for preparation, the product must eventually be vacuumed at 1500℃ to remove [...]

Preparation of nanometer tungsten carbide composite powder

Tungsten carbide is a black gray crystalline powder. Relative density 15.6(18/4℃), melting point 2600℃, boiling point 6000℃, Mohs hardness 9. Tungsten carbide insoluble in water, hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid, soluble in nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid mixture. Tungsten carbide reacts strongly with fluorine at room temperature and is oxidized to tungsten oxide when heated in air. At 1550 ~ 1650℃, the metal tungsten powder can be directly combined with carbon black, or at 1150℃, the tungsten powder can [...]