• (Zr,Nb)C Zirconium niobium carbide

    (Zr,Nb)C Zirconium niobium carbide complex carbide solid solution powder.
    Is a new type of structure and function of wear-resistant high temperature resistant material, with tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, chromium carbide, titanium nitride, zirconium and hafnium carbide carbide rare metal carbide formed three yuan, four yuan, five yuan and six yuan compound solid solution, can improve the alloy material of red hardness, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance and other properties.

  • Aluminium Niobium Carbide Nb2AlC

    Name: Nb2AlC
    Particle size: 1-5 um
    Product performance: high purity and excellent electrochemical performance
    Purity: 99%
    Storage condition: dry at room temperature
    Process: HF treatment or HCl+LiF treatment

  • Aluminum Metaphosphate

    Name: Aluminum Metaphosphate
    CAS no. : 13776-88-0; 32823-06-6
    EINECS no. : 237-415-3
    Molecular formula: ALO9P3
    Molecular Weight: 263.8974


    Product specifications: Al2O3:19%±0.5%, P2O5:81%±1%, Fe2O3 < 2PPM, Cu < 0.1ppm, Ni, Co, Mn, Pb, Cr < 1PPM



  • Aluminum Nitride micron and nano powder

  • Aluminum titanate

    Other name:Aluminum titanium oxide,dialuminium titanium pentaoxide

    Particle size grade: micron, nanometer
    Purity: 99.9%
    Appearance: white powder
    Crystal: cubic
    Purity: > 99.9%
    Density: 3.06 g/cm3
    Specific surface area: 14.64m2/g
    Preparation method: hydrothermal preparation

  • Ammonium hexachloroplatinate(IV)

    Other name: ammonium chloroplatinate,diammonium hexachloroplatinate
    CAS number: 16919-58-7
    Metal content: 44.0%
    Product appearance: Yellow powder
    Product specifications: Analysis pure

  • Ammonium perrhenate

    Purity: 4N, 5N
    4N: NH4ReO4≥99.99% , Re ≥69.4%
    Appearance : white flake crystal.
    Application: rhenium compound standard sample; Rhenium addition; Production of rhenium metal products, rhenium alloy and rhenium compounds raw materials.

  • Barium dimetaphosphate

    Other name: Barium metaphosphate
    CAS no. : 13762-83-9
    Molecular formula: BAO6P2
    EINECS no. : 237-362-6
    Molecular Weight: 295.2709

  • Cadmium Orange

    Cadmium orange is a metal oxide pigment, which belongs to inorganic composite pigment. High quality selenium powder was synthesized by liquid phase method. The finished product has bright color, small particle size, good dispersion, good covering power and migration resistance. The color powder has excellent weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, can withstand 380℃ high temperature, and is insoluble in solvent, can be widely used in plastic products, plastic products and architectural coatings.

  • Cadmium sulfoselenide red

    CAS no. : 58339-34-7
    EINECS no. : 261-218-1
    Molecular formula: C9H13CdN2O4SSe
    Molecular weight: 436.64652

    Cadmium red is the preferred red pigment for enamel, ceramics and glass industries. Cadmium red is also widely used in plastics, color masterbatch, ceramics, coating, paper making, rubber, leather, art pigment, art gravure ink, color sand and stone building materials, electronic materials and other industries.

  • Cadmium Yellow

    Other name: C.I. Pigment Yellow 37
    Index of pigments: P.Y.37
    Chemical composition: Cd/S
    Product color: yellow powder
    Pigment properties: cadmium yellow coating
    Classification of pigments: metal oxidation
    Crystal phase structure: hexagonal crystal
    Density g/cm3:4.5 ~ 5.9

  • Calcium hexaboride

    Product name: Calcium hexboride CaB6
    CAS no. : 12007-99-7
    EINECS no. : 234-525-3
    Molecular formula: B6Ca
    Molecular weight: 104.944