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Our company was established on August 8, 2018. Is a foreign trade company based in China, to export fine chemicals products to worldwide. We are located in “The city of springs” JiNan, located in ShanDong, a major chemical industry province in China, at the same time adjacent to JiangSu, ZheJiang province etc. Chinese chemical industry agminated area. In this area, there are a large number of professional fine chemical manufacturers, as well as many famous universities and research institutes in China. We can communicate with the manufacturers conveniently.  View More

Featured Products

  • Vanadium carbide aluminum V2AlC

    Product name: Vanadium aluminum carbide V2AlC
    Purity: >99.9%
    Particle grade: micron/submicron/nanometer
    Color: Black
    Crystal: cubic crystal
    Melting point: 1956 ℃
    Density: 3.61 g/cm3
    Specific surface area: 2.48m2/g
    Preparation method: gas phase synthesis method

  • Nanometer Neodymium Oxide

    Other name: dineodymium trioxide;neodymium sesquioxide;neodymium trioxide

    EINECS no. : 215-214-1

    Molecular formula: Nd2O3

    Molecular weight: 336.4822

    Melting point: 2270 ℃

    Solubility: insoluble

  • Niobium hydroxide


    Specification: 99.9%, 99.99%

    Other name: Niobium hydroxide oxide
    CAS no. : 37349-30-7
    Molecular formula: Nb(OH)5

    Mainly used in catalyst, new energy and other new industry production.

  • Metastannic acid

    CAS no. : 13472-47-4

    EINECS no. : 236-236-5

    Formula: H2SnO3

    Molecular weight: 168.59

    Character: iso-isomer, insoluble in water and ethanol, insoluble acid and alkali liquor, can be fused with alkali to obtain partial tin acid salt, heating significant water loss.

  • Zirconium acetylacetonate

    Other name: Zirconium-2,4-pentanedionate, Zirconium(IV)acetylacetonate; Tetrakis(acetylacetonato)zirconium(IV); 2,4-pentanedione,zrderiv.; acetyl-zirconiuacetonate; nasemuzirconium; orgatixzc150; pentane-2,4-dione-zirconium (4:1);

    CAS no. : 17501-44-9

    EINECS no. : 241-241-5

    Molecular formula: C20H28 Zr O8

    Molecular weight: 487.6555.

    Melting point: 171-173℃

  • Europium Nitride

    Molecular Formula: EuN

    Molecular Weight: 165.97

    CAS No.: 12020-58-5

    EINECS No.: 234-659-2

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