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Characteristics and development of vanadium phosphate lithium ion battery

In the early 1970s, the research work of lithium-ion batteries was promoted due to the energy crisis, and lithium primary batteries with Li or Li-Al alloy as negative electrode materials, including Li/MnO2, Li/I2, Li/SOCl2, Li/FeS2, etc., appeared one after another. In 1970, Japan’s panasonic company obtained a patent for Li/(CF)n batteries in the United States, and during the discharge process (CF)n was lithiated into C and LiF, and the reaction was not reversible, so the lithium primary battery at [...]

Ytterbium disilicate coating can extend the life of jet engines

Aircraft manufacturers and their government and industrial customers have designed new aircraft engines that can operate at extremely high temperatures, meaning the engines can generate more energy while burning less fuel. Haydn Wadley, Edgar Starke Professor of Materials science and engineering at the University of Virginia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, and Jeroen Deijkers, a postdoctoral research associate in Wadley’s group, have found a way to greatly extend the useful life of these engine materials. A jet engine draws in [...]

Using ultrasonic technology to reduce the cost of magnesium diboride superconductor

Superconductivity already has a variety of practical applications, such as medical imaging and maglev trains. However, in order to apply superconductors to other technologies, we need to not only improve performance, but also reduce the difficulty and cost of manufacturing. In this regard, magnesium diboride (MgB2), as a superconductor with multiple advantages, has attracted the attention of researchers since its discovery. It is a lightweight, easy to process material that can be made from a wide range of prerequisite materials, [...]

The researchers produced defective cuprous iodide films

According to foreign media reports, a fault-free film of cuprous iodide composed of a crystal has been created by physicists at RIKEN. Atomic planar samples are the driving force behind better semiconductors. Semiconductors are at the heart of many optoelectronic devices, including lasers and light-emitting diodes (leds). Engineers hope to use cuprous iodide in semiconductors because it is an excellent conductor that remains stable above room temperature. The problem is that it is difficult to make a film of cuprous [...]

Titanium carbon nitride, a new material of the century

In the manufacture of all kinds of mechanical parts, all need to be processed with cutting tools. The cutting performance of tool material is one of the key factors to determine the machining efficiency, machining quality and machining cost. WC-Co – based carbide tool is the most used tool material at present. However, tungsten and cobalt are rare resources, resulting in high cost of WC-Co based cemented carbide materials. Carbon titanium nitride material with high melting point, high strength, wear [...]

Solid state battery base zirconium: lithium lanthanum zirconate

Solid-state batteries seem to be getting closer, and the news is endless. Including QuantumScape, in which Volkswagen has held a 5% stake since 2014. On Dec. 8, publicly traded QuantumScape, a startup backed by Volkswagen and Bill Gates, unveiled the performance of its latest solid-state battery after a decade of research. The solid-state battery could also be the first commercially viable solid-state battery, it is claimed. QuantumScape shares jumped on the news. The solid-state battery, which could increase the range of [...]

Thermoelectric Bismuth telluride: Where did it come from? Where to?

Thermoelectric materials can convert two of the most widely used forms of energy, heat and electricity, into each other: By converting electric energy into heat energy, solid refrigeration and temperature control can be realized. Thermoelectric materials have been used in small refrigerators, wine cabinets, high power laser temperature control equipment, and is also expected to be used in the future communication technology temperature control. The heat energy is converted into electric energy, and the temperature difference generation can be realized. With [...]

Reliable nickel cobalt manganese ternary lithium battery

With the widespread popularity of electric vehicles, a lot of friends have been asking questions about power batteries. Shock, as an adventurer, can ignore anything else, but he attaches most importance to the reliability of his adventure equipment. I’m here today with a good friend of mine to talk to you about power batteries. Hi, I am the star member of the power battery family, Manganese, or NCM. The history of our power battery family dates back to 1837. At [...]

Nano magnesium carbonate market prospect

As we know, nano magnesium carbonate is a chemical raw material with a wide range of applications. The market has a large space for development, with varying degrees of growth every year. Therefore, high-grade and refined magnesium carbonate products need to be developed in order to be used in more high-grade industries. Nano magnesium carbonate is not only used in medical and food fields, but also used in rubber, glass, ceramics and other industries. As the demand continues to rise, [...]

The researchers studied the surface of cerium dioxide nanoparticles

At the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), scientists have studied cerium dioxide nanoparticles using probe molecules and a sophisticated ultra-high vacuum infrared measurement system and gained new insights into their surface structure and chemical activity. Their work is reported in three papers in the journal Angewandte Chemie. Cerium oxide, oxygen compounds and the rare earth metal cerium are the most important oxides for technical applications. Cerium dioxide is mainly used in heterogeneous catalysis, such as exhaust gas catalytic converters in [...]