Application of nanometer molybdenum disulfide

Many researchers have performed typical catalytic hydrogenation of 1-methylnaphthalene to 1-methyltetrahydronaphthalene and 5-methylhydronaphthalene. The results show that the hydrogenation conversion rate of nanometer molybdenum disulfide is 5 times that of micron molybdenum disulfide at 350℃ using the same amount of micron (about 26 μm) molybdenum disulfide and 40nm molybdenum disulfide catalyst. The ratio of 1- methyltetraphthalene and 5- methyltetraphthalene in hydrogenated products was almost constant. The catalytic hydrogenation of naphthalene methylbenzyl showed that the activity of nano-molybdenum disulfide on [...]

China’s first production line of sodium vanadium phosphate was built in Hubei

A production line is in full swing; A production line is running at full capacity… December 26, the 12th lunar month season, located in Guangshui City, Hubei Province, the Enaiji technology company’s factory workshop, the reporter saw, technical personnel are staring at the production line of products, the scene is busy. Outside the factory workshop, the sun is beautiful and fragrant. “In the difficult moment of the epidemic, the team did not stop for half a moment, working overtime to [...]

Production process of copper pyrophosphate

Sodium pyrophosphate reacts with copper sulfate or copper chloride to produce copper pyrophosphate. Na4P207+2CuS04 Cu2P207+2Na2S04 Na4P207+ 2cucL2-Cu2p207 +4NaCl Sodium pyrophosphate (95%) 950 Copper sulfate (93%) 1450 Using industrial hydrated disodium phosphate as raw material, it is heated and dehydrated at low temperature, and then slowly heated to about 100℃, so that it removes all the crystalline water and becomes anhydrous salt. Ground anhydrous salt, and then put it in a high temperature furnace, hot at 200-300℃, to produce sodium pyrophosphate. The reaction is complete when [...]

Test method for alumina content in aluminium metaphosphate

Aluminum metaphosphate is a kind of raw material for optical glass, its purity directly affects the optical properties of optical glass. At present, there is no national standard test method for the purity detection of aluminum metaphosphate. The purity of aluminum metaphosphate in the industry is measured by testing the content of phosphorus pentoxide or alumina in aluminum metaphosphate, and then converted into the purity of aluminum metaphosphate by a certain coefficient. At present, the determination of phosphorus pentoxide content [...]

Membrane electrode catalyst carrier Ti4O7 for fuel cell reactor

(1) Preparation of Ti4O7: As a catalyst support, it needs to have a large specific surface area, and the difficulty lies in this. The specific surface area of Ti4O7 synthesized by single step method is very small. The specific surface area of multistep synthesis was 140m2/g. (2) Catalyst performance: The activity and durability of Ti4O7 supported catalyst is better than that of Pt/C catalyst. After the formation of Ru-Pt core-shell structure, the Ti4O7 supported catalyst not only has CO resistance, [...]

A spongy porous Fe-doped modified potassium vanadium phosphate

As the society attaches great importance to green and environmental protection, new electrochemical energy storage technologies are constantly updated. Lithium-ion batteries, due to their high energy density, high safety, light weight and long life, occupy a large market share in electrochemical energy storage technologies, such as new energy vehicles, mobile phones and power tools. However, with the widespread use of lithium-ion batteries, its disadvantages are becoming more and more apparent Due to the scarcity of lithium resources, high price and low [...]

Lithium aluminum hydride reduction cyanide why accident

Two 1mol reduction reactions of the following compound 10 were carried out. The reaction operation was very standard, which was called argon flow. The whole reaction process was maintained at about 5 degrees Celsius, and the reaction was monitored after several hours of stirring. One of the 8L reactors was quenched with ice methanol. As soon as the first drop of methanol was added, an orange flame immediately appeared in the reactor and exploded. The reactor was destroyed, the [...]

Very long cycle life of double-carbon coated sodium vanadium phosphate

Lithium-ion batteries have been widely used in portable electronics for the past few decades. However, traditional lithium is scarce and unevenly distributed, so researchers have been trying to find a cheaper alternative to lithium for batteries. As we all know, sodium is cheap and widely distributed, so its development has a similar electrochemical mechanism to lithium-ion batteries. However, cheaper sodium ion batteries are the development direction of future energy storage batteries. Among the many sodium ion cathode materials, the [...]

Molybdenum disulfide nanoflower-MoS2 nanosheet

The layered MoS2 nanoflower samples with the size of 1-2 microns were successfully prepared by hydrothermal synthesis. Each MoS2 nanoflower was formed by a large number of intersecting MoS2 nanoflakes in a regular center polymerization. In addition, we also used a simple two-step hydrothermal method to prepare high purity heterogeneous nanoflowers,MoS2 nanoflowers uniformly covered with Sn02 nanoparticles [email protected] heterogeneous nanoflowers, which enriched the heterogeneous structure system based on MoS2. The lattices and morphologies of MoS2 nanoflowers and [email protected] heterogeneous nanoflowers [...]

Gadolinium zirconate material for thermal barrier coatings

Advanced aero-engine technology is one of the important symbols of a country’s scientific and technological level, industrial base and comprehensive national strength. In order to improve the performance of aeroengine, higher requirements should be put forward for turbine inlet gas temperature. Generally speaking, the temperature at the front inlet of a first-stage turbine with a thrust-to-weight ratio of 10 is about 1,950 K, and the temperature at the front inlet of a first-stage turbine with a thrust-to-weight ratio of [...]