Study on electrical properties of strontium doped lanthanum manganate thin films

Rare earth perovskite lanthanum manganate (LaMnO_3) composite oxide has stable structure, stable physical and chemical properties, and negative temperature thermal effect. It is expected to be developed into thermistor thin film devices suitable for corrosive environment and high temperature heating. By comparing various preparation processes of lanthanum manganate based films, the composite Sol-gel method and screen printing method are selected for systematic study. The former is suitable for preparing curved and low-temperature sintered films. The latter is suitable for [...]

The oriented porous structure enhances Titanium suboxide photocatalytic performance

Using abundant water resources on the earth as raw materials and free solar energy as energy sources, photocatalytic decomposition of aquatic hydrogen is a promising hydrogen production technology. One research focus of photocatalytic hydrogen production is to find a suitable catalyst that can effectively absorb sunlight and produce enough support to participate in the electrochemical REDOX reaction of water decomposition. Titanium dioxide is a typical N-type semiconductor, which has the advantages of non-toxicity, good weather resistance and low cost, [...]

Characteristics and development of vanadium phosphate lithium ion battery

In the early 1970s, the research work of lithium-ion batteries was promoted due to the energy crisis, and lithium primary batteries with Li or Li-Al alloy as negative electrode materials, including Li/MnO2, Li/I2, Li/SOCl2, Li/FeS2, etc., appeared one after another. In 1970, Japan’s panasonic company obtained a patent for Li/(CF)n batteries in the United States, and during the discharge process (CF)n was lithiated into C and LiF, and the reaction was not reversible, so the lithium primary battery at [...]

CeB6 cerium boride application in various industries

CeB6 cerium boride is a typical hexaboride, which has high melting point, high hardness, low escape work, good chemical stability, strong ion bombardment resistance, high electrical conductivity (its electrical resistivity is similar to rare earth metals) and other excellent properties, so it is widely used in various fields In the field of electronics industry, CeB6 cerium boride is an ideal hot cathode material, which is widely used in high-brightness point-like electron source equipment, such as SEM, TEM and other electron [...]

Study on nanometer nickel hydroxide electrode materials

Nickel metal hydride batteries (MH-Ni) with high specific energy and excellent performance are widely used in electronics, communications, computers and other industries, and will also be widely used in the field of electric vehicles. As a positive active substance, the performance of nickel hydroxide is the key to determine the overall performance of MH-Ni batteries. In this paper, nanometer nickel hydroxide is studied comprehensively from the following four aspects: First, nanometer nickel hydroxide is prepared by grinding micron grade [...]

Adsorption of low concentration phosphate in water by lanthanum hydroxide and natural zeolite

Zeolite is a porous aluminosilicate crystal with skeleton structure, which has high cation exchange ability. In recent years, the use of cation exchange capacity of zeolite to remove ammonia nitrogen from water has attracted the attention of many researchers. The surface of zeolite aluminosilicate skeleton is negatively charged, so the adsorption ability of zeolite to phosphoric acid anion in water is very poor. In order to improve the adsorption capacity of phosphate in water, it is necessary to properly [...]

Application of nanometer molybdenum disulfide

Many researchers have performed typical catalytic hydrogenation of 1-methylnaphthalene to 1-methyltetrahydronaphthalene and 5-methylhydronaphthalene. The results show that the hydrogenation conversion rate of nanometer molybdenum disulfide is 5 times that of micron molybdenum disulfide at 350℃ using the same amount of micron (about 26 μm) molybdenum disulfide and 40nm molybdenum disulfide catalyst. The ratio of 1- methyltetraphthalene and 5- methyltetraphthalene in hydrogenated products was almost constant. The catalytic hydrogenation of naphthalene methylbenzyl showed that the activity of nano-molybdenum disulfide on [...]

Production process of copper pyrophosphate

Sodium pyrophosphate reacts with copper sulfate or copper chloride to produce copper pyrophosphate. Na4P207+2CuS04 Cu2P207+2Na2S04 Na4P207+ 2cucL2-Cu2p207 +4NaCl Sodium pyrophosphate (95%) 950 Copper sulfate (93%) 1450 Using industrial hydrated disodium phosphate as raw material, it is heated and dehydrated at low temperature, and then slowly heated to about 100℃, so that it removes all the crystalline water and becomes anhydrous salt. Ground anhydrous salt, and then put it in a high temperature furnace, hot at 200-300℃, to produce sodium pyrophosphate. The reaction is complete when [...]

Test method for alumina content in aluminium metaphosphate

Aluminum metaphosphate is a kind of raw material for optical glass, its purity directly affects the optical properties of optical glass. At present, there is no national standard test method for the purity detection of aluminum metaphosphate. The purity of aluminum metaphosphate in the industry is measured by testing the content of phosphorus pentoxide or alumina in aluminum metaphosphate, and then converted into the purity of aluminum metaphosphate by a certain coefficient. At present, the determination of phosphorus pentoxide content [...]

Membrane electrode catalyst carrier Ti4O7 for fuel cell reactor

(1) Preparation of Ti4O7: As a catalyst support, it needs to have a large specific surface area, and the difficulty lies in this. The specific surface area of Ti4O7 synthesized by single step method is very small. The specific surface area of multistep synthesis was 140m2/g. (2) Catalyst performance: The activity and durability of Ti4O7 supported catalyst is better than that of Pt/C catalyst. After the formation of Ru-Pt core-shell structure, the Ti4O7 supported catalyst not only has CO resistance, [...]