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Nano tantalum oxide used in radiotherapy and chemotherapy

Today, cancer remains one of the world’s deadliest diseases, with more than 10 million new cases diagnosed each year. The main cancer treatment methods including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy have been widely used in clinical practice, but they all have their own defects. For example, the toxic side effects of chemotherapy and the low absorption efficiency of radiation at the tumor site. Chemo-radiotherapy (radiotherapy) has been widely used in clinical trials in recent years, and a large number of [...]

Preparation method and process of lanthanum acetyl acetonate

China is rich in rare earth resources and has the largest reserves in the world. Acetylacetone rare earth complexes have wide application prospects in new luminescent materials, extraction chemistry, displacement reagents, especially stabilizers for plastic processing. In the past, the production process of lanthanum acetyl acetonate adopts solution precipitation method and solution extraction method. These two methods not only consume solvent, but also affect the yield and the performance of the functional complex. In the actual production process, it is [...]

Application of tantalum pentoxide

Tantalum pentoxide, also known as “tantalum anhydride”, is a white rhombic crystal. Its chemical properties are more stable, resistant to general acid and alkali, when heated by hydrogen chloride or hydrogen bromide erosion. The corresponding insoluble tantalate can be obtained by co-melting with the hydroxide of alkali metal or carbonate, which is hydrolyzed by washing with water to produce hydrated tantalum pentoxide precipitate. At present, the traditional high purity tantalum pentaoxide is prepared by the tantalum liquid in the [...]