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Application of titanate in electronic ceramics

Titanate refers to titanium containing oxygenate MTiO3. Generally, titanate has the structure of mixed metal oxides. Generally, titanate has the structure of mixed metal oxide. Anhydrous titanate can be prepared by co-melting metal carbonate or hydroxide with titanium dioxide. Barium titanate crystals will produce global polarization under the action of external electric field. Is a good ferroelectric materials and piezoelectric materials, in the electronics industry widely used. In electronic ceramics, titanate mainly contains barium titanate, strontium titanate, and titanium development [...]

Application status of rhenium and rhenium alloy

Petroleum chemical industry Rhenium catalyst for petrochemical industry is the biggest purpose (about accounted for more than 60% of the total rhenium), due to the electronic structure of rhenium in the unsaturated layer 4 d 5 electronic easy to release, 6 s layer two electrons to form a covalent bond, and is easy to participate in and the character of the lattice parameters is larger, so the rhenium compounds and have excellent catalytic activity and produce high octane number gasoline [...]

The main application range of potassium titanate

Potassium titanate is a chemical component that can be widely used in low-hydrogen electrodes, cross-flow electrodes and stainless steel electrodes; Potassium titanate has superior properties to glass fiber and graphite fiber, and its application range has been continuously expanded since it was promoted to the public for more than a decade. As an emerging alternative to metals, it can produce smaller and lighter parts than traditional mechanical metals, meeting the needs of today’s times, and can also be used to [...]

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region discovered super large antimony ore reserves exceeding the world total

The Institute of Mineral Research of Inner Mongolia Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources has initially identified a super-large antimony ore in the northeast of Baiyinxile Ranch in Xilin Gol League, with a total of 873,600 tons of strontium oxide. This reserve exceeds the total reserves of cerium oxide previously identified at home and abroad. According to the report, the super-large antimony mine discovered this time is controlled by surface mapping and a small amount of engineering control. The total [...]