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Research status of strontium titanate

Currently, various electronic instruments, home audio and video equipment and microcomputer, etc., in order to prevent the equipment from the external power supply cord, transmission of noise and signal lines or air surge voltage, as well as the human body electrostatic factors lead to wrong operation or semiconductor devices are broken down, is the use of ZnO varistor for protection. However ZnO varistor is purely resistive element, although has good pressure sensitive features, but because of the small dielectric constant, [...]

Preparation and properties of lanthanum zirconate and thermal barrier coatings

Thermal barrier coating is the most advanced high temperature alloy surface protective coating technology. It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile and large thermal power generation industries. Especially with the gas turbine/aircraft engine towards the direction of high efficient development, on the performance of the ceramic material demand is higher and higher, traditional Y2O3 stable ZrO2 (YSZ) material is hard to meet the demand of high performance, study can replace YSZ used in high temperature thermal barrier coating [...]

Material Properties and Application of Gallium Nitride

Material properties GaN is a very stable compound, but also a hard high melting point material, the melting point of about 1700 ℃, GaN has a high degree of ionization, in the Ⅲ-Ⅴ compounds is the highest (0.5 or 0.43). At atmospheric pressure, GaN crystals are generally hexagonal wurtzite structures. It has 4 atoms in a cell, and the atomic volume is about half that of GaAs. Because of its high hardness, but also a good coating protection materials. Chemical properties At [...]