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Application of conductive potassium titanate whiskers

With the continuous improvement and development of technology, the conductive properties of insulating matrix composites have become more and more popular. The development of high performance conductive reinforced fiber material manufacturers have been very important. In order to meet this demand, potassium titanate whiskers with high conductivity can be prepared by reduction method and coating conductive layer method on the basis of potassium titanate whiskers. The conductive whisker can not only keep the original good physical and chemical properties of [...]

The secret of titanium solar cells’ high performance

To understand the secret of perovskite solar cells’ high performance, we have to talk about the microscopic mechanism of their light absorption and energy conversion. The curious process goes something like this: photons from the sun hit the absorption layer of the battery and are immediately absorbed. The energy of the photons stimulates electrons that were previously bound around the nucleus to form free electrons (e-). Since matter as a whole must remain electrically neutral, electrons excited simultaneously produce [...]

The dispersing process of pigments and the action of dispersants

The dispersal of pigment The dispersing process of pigment consists of three steps: wetting, dispersing and stabilizing. During wetting, the air and water vapor on the pigment surface are replaced by the resin solution, and the solid/gas phase (pigment/air) is converted into the solid/liquid phase (pigment/resin solution). Dispersants especially low molecular wetting dispersants can accelerate the wetting process. In the process of dispersal, the agglomeration state of pigment is broken into smaller particles and becomes dispersive state (uniform distribution) mainly [...]

Military applications of rare earths

Why can a patriot missile shoot down scud more easily? Why did the M1 always fire earlier and with better accuracy, even though the main guns of the Soviet t-72 tank and the M1 did not differ much in their direct firing distance? Why can f-22 fighters cruise at supersonic speeds? … These “whys” outline the great advances in military technology today, as well as the upheavals and conflicts of the past two decades. For each “why” there is a [...]

Main types of functional ceramics

1. Piezoelectric ceramics: the so-called piezoelectric effect refers to the deformation of some media under the action of force, which causes the surface of the medium to be charged. This is the positive piezoelectric effect. On the contrary, when the electric field is applied, the medium will produce mechanical deformation, which is called inverse piezoelectric effect. This wonderful effect has been applied by scientists in many fields that are closely related to people’s lives to realize energy conversion, sensing, [...]

Application of magnetic nanomaterials

because the nanometer magnetic material has a variety of special magnetic properties, can be made into nanometer magnetic film (including magnetic multilayer film), nano magnetic line, nano powder (including magnetic powder block) and that a variety of forms such as magnetic materials, magnetic liquid in magnetic recording materials, magnetic liquid, permanent magnet material, magnetic material, biomedicine, radar absorbing material and other fields has a broad and important role. 1. In the application of magnetic recording materials in the world [...]

Secondary tin and regenerated tin will dominate the industry in the future

Tin is a soft silver-white metal, the proportion of 7.3, melting point is 231.9 ℃. Chemical properties of tin is stable, rich malleable at room temperature, especially at 100 ℃, its malleable is very good, can expand into extremely thin foil. However, tin ductility is very poor, a pull on the break, can not be drawn into filaments. Tin is non-toxic, people often plating it on the inner wall of the copper pot, to prevent copper warm water to [...]