Other Metals Compounds

  • Barium dimetaphosphate

    Other name: Barium metaphosphate
    CAS no. : 13762-83-9
    Molecular formula: BAO6P2
    EINECS no. : 237-362-6
    Molecular Weight: 295.2709

  • Barium strontium cobalt iron

    Ferro cobalt Barium strontium (BSCF) Functional material powder: pure phase, purity 3N5, particle size: about 3um, widely used in solid oxide fuel cell cathode materials. Role: ferromagnetism, catalyst, solid state fuel cell, supercapacitor, ferroelectric storage etc..

  • Chromium boride CrB

    Other name:Chromium diboride
    CAS no. : 12006-80-3
    EINECS no. : 234-488-3
    Molecular formula: C2H9Br
    Molecular weight: 112.9969
    Melting point: 1300 ℃
    Density: 7.63 g/cm3

  • Cobalt aluminate

    We will be customized according to customer requirements of cobalt aluminate materials, applied in electronic devices, casting nucleating agent and other fields.

  • Cobalt silicide CoSi2

    Particle size:325mesh
    Chemical composition:
    Co:51%  Si:48.5%
    Other impurity:0.5%

  • Gold(1+) trisodium disulphite

    Other name: Sodium gold sulfite
    The main content: 46.2%
    Specification: analytically pure
    Appearance: white powder
    Use: catalyst

  • Magnesium boride MgB2

    Other name: magnesium diboride
    Molecular formula: MgB2
    Purity: 99%
    Appearance: Gray-black powder
    Particle size: 325mesh
    Density: 2.57 g/cm3
    Molecular weight: 45.93
    Melting point: 830℃

  • Magnesium nitride

    Other name: trimagnesium dinitride
    CAS no. : 12057-71-5
    EINECS no. : 235-022-1
    Molecular formula: Mg3N2
    Molecular weight: 100.9284
    Melting point is 800 ℃
    The boiling point of 700 ℃
    Dense degree of 2.712 g/cm3

  • Manganese silicide MnSi2

    Other name – Manganese Disilicide
    Chemical formula: MnSi2
    Molecular weight: 111.11
    Density (g/mL, 25℃) : 5.24.

    Properties: Gray octahedral crystal.
    Particle size: 325mesh
    Soluble in hydrofluoric acid, alkali, insoluble in water, nitric acid, sulfuric acid.

  • Nano calcium hexaboride

    Product name: Calcium hexboride CaB6
    CAS no. : 12007-99-7
    EINECS no. : 234-525-3
    Molecular formula: B6Ca
    Molecular weight: 104.944

  • Potassium Metaborate BKO2

    CAS number:13709-94-9
    Molecular formula: K2B2O4. 3 h2o
    The molecular weight: 217.82
    Product index: >99.0%
    White loose powder or crystal, relative density 1.178, soluble in water, slightly soluble in methanol and ethanol
    Product guarantee specifications 500g/ bag, 20kg/ barrel/bag, or according to customer demand packaging

  • Potassium Metaphosphate

    Other name: Potassium polymetaphosphate
    CAS no. : 7790-53-6
    EINECS no. : 232-212-6
    Molecular formula: KO3P
    Molecular Weight: 118.0703
    Product Specifications: K2O: 40%±0.5%, P2O5:60%±1%, Fe2O3 < 2PPM, Cu < 0.1ppm, Ni, Co, Mn, Pb, Cr < 1PPM