Base Metals Compounds

  • Aluminium Niobium Carbide Nb2AlC

    Name: Nb2AlC
    Particle size: 1-5 um
    Product performance: high purity and excellent electrochemical performance
    Purity: 99%
    Storage condition: dry at room temperature
    Process: HF treatment or HCl+LiF treatment

  • Aluminum Metaphosphate

    Name: Aluminum Metaphosphate
    CAS no. : 13776-88-0; 32823-06-6
    EINECS no. : 237-415-3
    Molecular formula: ALO9P3
    Molecular Weight: 263.8974


    Product specifications: Al2O3:19%±0.5%, P2O5:81%±1%, Fe2O3 < 2PPM, Cu < 0.1ppm, Ni, Co, Mn, Pb, Cr < 1PPM



  • Aluminum Nitride micron and nano powder

  • Aluminum titanate

    Other name:Aluminum titanium oxide,dialuminium titanium pentaoxide

    Particle size grade: micron, nanometer
    Purity: 99.9%
    Appearance: white powder
    Crystal: cubic
    Purity: > 99.9%
    Density: 3.06 g/cm3
    Specific surface area: 14.64m2/g
    Preparation method: hydrothermal preparation

  • Manganese silicide MnSi2

    Other name: Manganese Disilicide
    Chemical formula: MnSi2
    Molecular weight: 111.11
    Density (g/mL, 25℃) : 5.24.

    Properties: Gray octahedral crystal.
    Particle size: 325mesh
    Soluble in hydrofluoric acid, alkali, insoluble in water, nitric acid, sulfuric acid.

  • Nickel Chloride Hexahydrate

    Other name:Nickel(II)chloridehexahydrate
    CAS number :7791-20-0
    Molecular formula :Cl2H12NiO6
    Molecular weight :237.69
    Properties: green or grass green monoclinic prismatic crystal. The relative density is 1.921. Melting point 80℃. Soluble in water and ethanol, its aqueous solution is slightly acidic. It is easily weathered in dry air and deliqued in humid air.

  • Nickel hydroxide

    Particle size grade: micron, nanometer
    Appearance: light green powder
    Crystal form: Spherical
    Melting point: 230 ℃
    Pure c: > 99.9%
    Secret: 4.15 g/cm3
    Specific surface area: 25.75m2/g
    Preparation method: preparation by precipitation method

  • Nickel silicide Ni2Si

    CAS no. : 12059-14-2
    EINECS no. : 235-033-1
    Molecular formula: Ni2Si
    Molecular weight: 145.4723

    Nickel silicon (Ni2Si) is an austenite (Ni2Si) alloy. Is a material used as the negative terminal of a type N thermocouple.It has good thermoelectric stability above 1000 degrees Celsius,And the oxidation resistance is better than E,J and K type electric couple.

  • Sodium manganate Na0.44Mno2 powder

    Sodium manganate (Na0.44MnO2) powder
    Purity (wt%) ≥ 99.9%;
    Primary particle size: ≤1um
    Material composition ratio: Na: Mn :O = 0.44:1:2 (mol);
    Powder color: black

  • Stannum Titanium Carbide Ti2SnC

    Purity: 99%
    Particle size: 325 mesh
    Chemical composition:
    Ti 42.2% C 5.3% Sn 52.2%
    Other impurity: 0.3%

    Ti2SnC is a new type of structure ceramic which can be machined and has special layer structure.

  • Vanadium carbide aluminum V2AlC

    Product name: Vanadium aluminum carbide V2AlC
    Purity: >99.9%
    Particle grade: micron/submicron/nanometer
    Color: Black
    Crystal: cubic crystal
    Melting point: 1956 ℃
    Density: 3.61 g/cm3
    Specific surface area: 2.48m2/g
    Preparation method: gas phase synthesis method

  • Zinc nickel ferrite

    Other name: Zinc nickel iron oxide, Nickel zinc ferrite
    Cas No.:12645-50-0

    Purity: ≥99%
    Particle size: 20-30nm
    Appearance: Dark brown powder
    Specific surface area: 60m2/g
    Morphology: ball type
    Molecular weight: 195.9278