Base Metals Compounds

  • Aluminium Niobium Carbide Nb2AlC

    Name: Nb2AlC
    Particle size: 1-5 um
    Product performance: high purity and excellent electrochemical performance
    Purity: 99%
    Storage condition: dry at room temperature
    Process: HF treatment or HCl+LiF treatment

  • Aluminum Metaphosphate

    CAS no. : 13776-88-0; The 32823-06-6
    EINECS no. : 237-415-3
    Molecular formula: ALO9P3
    Molecular Weight: 263.8974

  • Aluminum Nitride micron and nano powder

  • Aluminum titanate Al2TiO5 powder

    CAS no. : 12004-39-6
    EINECS no. : 234-456-9
    Particle size grade: micron, nanometer
    Purity: 99.9%
    Appearance: white powder
    Crystal: cubic
    Melting point: 1860 ℃
    Pure c: > 99.9%
    Density: 3.06 g/cm3
    Specific surface area: 14.64m2/g
    Preparation method: hydrothermal preparation

  • Battery grade iron phosphate

    Other name: Ferric phosphate; Ferric orthophosphate; triferrous diphosphate
    Chemical formula: FePO4.2H2O
    Relative molecular weight: 186.85
    Exterior: white or yellowish white powder
    CAS no. : 10045-86-0
    Main uses: mainly used as raw material of lithium iron phosphate as cathode material of ion battery.

  • Battery grade nickel sulfate

    Other name: Cobalt sulfate anhydrous
    Chemical formula: NiSO4.6H2O
    Relative molecular weight: 262.86
    Exterior view: Green crystal
    CAS no. : 10101-97-0
    Main uses: mainly used in electroplating industry, nickel insulation battery and other nickel salts, and also used as the main raw material of positive electrode material of power battery.

  • Chromium aluminum carbide Cr2AlC

    Particle size grade: micron, nanometer
    Appearance: black powder
    Purity: 99.9%
    Crystal: cubic
    Melting point: 2079 ℃
    Density: 2.53 g/cm3
    Specific surface area: 3.08m2/g
    Preparation method: gas phase synthesis method.

  • Cobalt aluminate

    We will be customized according to customer requirements of cobalt aluminate materials, applied in electronic devices, casting nucleating agent and other fields.

  • Dihydroxyaluminium Aminoacetate

    Specification: Pharm. grade, Industry grade
    Assay: 94-102%
    Particle size: 325mesh, 200mesh
    Production method: Aluminium isopropanol process, synthesis
    Trichloroethylene ppm:≤100, ≤150
    Dioxane ppm:≤100, ≤150
    Trichloromethane ppm:≤50,≤100
    Hg ppm:≤0.5,≤1.0
    Benzene ppm:≤100,≤150

  • Lanthanum cobalt ferrite


  • lead iron niobate

    Lead niobate (Pb(Fe0.5Nb0.5)O3) has composite perovskite structure and is a typical piezoelectric material.
    Widely used in: electrosystolic, ferroelectric, transducer, ultrasonic, medical imaging, piezoelectric actuators and other fields

  • Manganese iron acid sodium

    Other name: Ferromanganese acid sodium