Scattered Metals Compounds

  • Ammonium perrhenate

    Purity: 4N, 5N
    4N: NH4ReO4≥99.99% , Re ≥69.4%
    Appearance : white flake crystal.
    Application: rhenium compound standard sample; Rhenium addition; Production of rhenium metal products, rhenium alloy and rhenium compounds raw materials.

  • Gallium trichloride GaCl3


    Purity: 99.99%
    Physical characteristics: Strong hydrolysis in water, produce smoke in moist air. Melting point: 77.9℃ Boiling point: 201.03℃ Density: 2.47g/cm³
    Appearance: White crystal or powder.

  • Indium chloride

    Purity: 99.99%~99.999%
    Physical characteristics: Indium chloride is a white crystal with delihability, very soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol and ether. Melting point: 262℃ Boiling point: 300℃ Density: 3.46g/cm³

  • Lanthanum strontium gallium magnesium oxide

    Lanthanum strontium gallium magnesium oxide (LSGM) is a ceramic electrolyte material with high ionic conductivity. LSGM is used as an electrolyte membrane to improve SOFC performance or reduce operating temperature. The ionic conductivity of LSGM is about twice that of yttrium-stabilized zirconia (YSZ-8). This LSGM powder is ideal for use in casting, ink formulation, pelletizing and other ceramic manufacturing processes.

  • Rhenium dioxide ReO2

    Specification: ReO2≥99.99%, Re≥85.33%
    Appearance: black gray particulate matter.

  • Rhenium trichloride

    Rhenium trichloride ReCl3 Re≥35% Purity: 99%
    Properties: Dark red or purple crystals. Melting point 727℃. Boiling point 800 ~ 850℃. 500℃ vacuum sublimation, vapor green. Soluble in water, acid, base, liquid ammonia and ethanol, slightly soluble in ether.

  • Dirhenium heptaoxide

    Other name: Rhenium(VII) oxide; trioxo-(trioxorheniooxy)rhenium; trioxo(trioxorheniooxy)rhenium

    CAS no. : 1314-68-7

    EINECS no. : 215-241-9

    Molecular formula: O7Re2

    Molecular weight: 484.4098

    Density: 6.103 g/mLat 25 ° C (lit.)

    Melting point: 220 ° C (lit.)

    Boiling point: 360 ° C (lit.)

    Flash: 360 ° C



  • Gallium trichloride

    English alias:; Gallium (III) chloride ,Gallium chloride anhydrous; Gallium chloride

    CAS number: 13450-90-3

    EINECS number: 236-610-0

    Molecular formula: Cl3Ga

    Molecular weight: 176.082

    Steam pressure: 33900 mmHg at 25 ° C

  • Digallium trioxide


    CAS number: 12024-21-4

    EINECS No. 234-691-7

    Molecular formula: Ga2O3

  • Tellurium tetrachloride

    Other name: Tellurium(IV) chloride, tetrachloro-lambda~4~-tellane

    CAS no. : 10026-07-0

    EINECS no. : 233-055-6

    Molecular formula: H6Cl4Te.

    Molecular weight: 275.4596

    Melting point : 224 ° c.

    The boiling point: 380 ° c.

  • Diindium triselenide

    Other name: indium selenide ,Indium(III)selenide, indium selenide (2:3)

    CAS no. : 12056-07-4

    EINECS no. : 235-016-9

    Formula: In2Se3

    Molecular weight: 466.516

    Density :5.80 g/cm³

  • Digallium triselenide powder

    English alias: Gallium (III) selenide; gallium selenide (2: 3)

    CAS number: 12024-24-7

    EINECS No. 234-693-8

    Molecular formula: Ga2Se3

    Molecular weight: 376.326