Inorganic Pigment

  • Cadmium Orange

    Cadmium orange is a metal oxide pigment, which belongs to inorganic composite pigment. High quality selenium powder was synthesized by liquid phase method. The finished product has bright color, small particle size, good dispersion, good covering power and migration resistance. The color powder has excellent weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, can withstand 380℃ high temperature, and is insoluble in solvent, can be widely used in plastic products, plastic products and architectural coatings.

  • Cadmium sulfoselenide red

    CAS no. : 58339-34-7
    EINECS no. : 261-218-1
    Molecular formula: C9H13CdN2O4SSe
    Molecular weight: 436.64652

    Cadmium red is the preferred red pigment for enamel, ceramics and glass industries. Cadmium red is also widely used in plastics, color masterbatch, ceramics, coating, paper making, rubber, leather, art pigment, art gravure ink, color sand and stone building materials, electronic materials and other industries.

  • Cadmium Yellow

    Other name: C.I. Pigment Yellow 37
    Index of pigments: P.Y.37
    Chemical composition: Cd/S
    Product color: yellow powder
    Pigment properties: cadmium yellow coating
    Classification of pigments: metal oxidation
    Crystal phase structure: hexagonal crystal
    Density g/cm3:4.5 ~ 5.9

  • Cerium sulfide red

    Appearance: Bright red powder
    CAS no.: 12014-96-6
    Molecular formula: Ce2S3
    Maximum temperature (℃): 400
    Particle size (μm): 5 to 7
    PH: 7. ~ 7.6
    Oil absorption (g / 100 g): 25
    The water content: < 0.5
    Density (g/cm3): 4.8 ~ 5.2
    Light resistance (Grade 1 to 8): 8
    Acid and alkali resistance (grade 1 ~ 5): 5

  • Chrome oxide green

    Other name:green pigment 17
    Appearance: Green powder
    Crystal type: spinel type
    Chemical structure:Cr2O3
    Average particle size:1.2um

  • Cobalt Blue

    Other name: C.I. Pigment Blue 28
    CAS no. : 1345-16-0
    EINECS no. : 310-193-6

    Relative density (g/cm3):3.8 ~ 4.54
    Sieve residue (325 mesh) (%):0.1 or less
    Covering power (g/m2):75 ~ 80
    Color (compared with standard sample) δ E: 3 or less
    Oil absorption (g / 100 g):31 to 37
    Depending on the specific volume/(g/L):630 ~ 740

  • Cobalt Chromite Blue

    Other name: cobalt chromite blue green spinel
    Chemical composition: Cobalt/Aluminum/Chromium oxide (CO-Al-Cr-O)
    Chemical formula: Co(Al,Cr)2O4
    Pigment Index No.: Pigment Blue 36/ P.B.36/ C.I.:77343
    CAS no. : 68187-11-1
    Appearance: blue powder
    Crystal type: spinel type

  • Cobalt titanite green spinel

    Other name: Pigment Green 50; Cobalt Titanate Green
    CAS no. : 68186-85-6
    EINECS no. : 269-047-4
    Molecular formula: CoNiTiZn
    Molecular weight: 230.8971
    Appearance: Green powder
    Cobalt green crystal: spinel type

  • Cobalt violet

    Other name: Pigment violet 14
    Pigment Index No.:P.V.14
    CAS no.:56-10101-1
    Chemical formula: Co/P/O
    Crystal phase structure: The amorphous
    G/cm3 density: 5.6

  • Copper chromite black spinel

    Other name: C.I. Pigment Black 28
    CAS no. : 68186-91-4
    EINECS no. : 269-053-7
    Appearance: Black powder
    Crystal type: spinel type

  • Ferric oxide Yellow

    Content (α-FeOOH): ≥86.0%
    Oil absorption(ml/100g):25 to 35
    325 mesh wet sieve residue:≤0.3%
    Particle shape: Needle shape
    Coloring power: 95 ~ 105%

    Color index number: Pigment Yellow 42 (77492)
    CAS No./EC No.: 51274-00-1/257-098-5
    Molecular formula: Fe2O3·H2O
    Molecular weight: 177.71
    Density: 2.44~3.60
    Melting point: 350~400℃

  • Iron oxide red

    Content: ≥96%
    Chemical name: Fe2O3·αH2O
    Color Index number: Pigment Red 101 (77491)

    Oil absorption(ml/100g): 15 to 25
    325 mesh wet sieve residue: 0.3% or less
    Particle shape: spherical.