• Aluminum Nitride micron and nano powder

  • Aluminum titanate Al2TiO5 powder

    CAS no. : 12004-39-6
    EINECS no. : 234-456-9
    Particle size grade: micron, nanometer
    Purity: 99.9%
    Appearance: white powder
    Crystal: cubic
    Melting point: 1860 ℃
    Pure c: > 99.9%
    Density: 3.06 g/cm3
    Specific surface area: 14.64m2/g
    Preparation method: hydrothermal preparation

  • Ammonium ceric nitrate

    Other name: Ammonium cerium(IV) nitrate
    CAS no. : 16774-21-3
    EINECS no. : 240-827-6
    Molecular formula: Ce(NH4)2(NO3)6
    Molecular Weight: 548.2263
    Melting point: 107-108 ℃
    Boiling point: 83°C at 760 mmHg
    Solubility: 1410 g/L (20℃)
    Vapor pressure: 49.8mmHg at 25°C

  • Cerium boride powder

    Particle size grade: micron/submicron/nanometer
    Purity: 99.9%
    Colour: gray-black
    Crystal: cubic
    Melting point: 2552 ℃
    Density: 4.80g /cm3
    Specific surface area: 10.92 m2/g

  • Chromium aluminum carbide Cr2AlC

    Particle size grade: micron, nanometer
    Appearance: black powder
    Purity: 99.9%
    Crystal: cubic
    Melting point: 2079 ℃
    Density: 2.53 g/cm3
    Specific surface area: 3.08m2/g
    Preparation method: gas phase synthesis method.

  • Cobalt aluminate

    We will be customized according to customer requirements of cobalt aluminate materials, applied in electronic devices, casting nucleating agent and other fields.

  • Gallium nitrate

    CAS no. : 13494-90-1
    EINECS no. : 236-815-5
    Molecular formula: GANO3
    Molecular Weight: 131.7268

  • Hafnium carbide powder

    CAS no. : 12069-85-1
    EINECS no. : 235-114-1
    Molecular formula: HFC
    Molecular weight: 194.5325
    Melting point: 3890 ℃
    Density: 12.7 g/cm3

  • Lanthanum strontium cobalt iron (LSCF)

    Lanthanum strontium cobalt oxide (LSCF) functional material powder: single phase, purity 3N5, particle size: about 2um, widely used in solid oxide fuel cell cathode, catalyst, supercapacitor, ferroelectric storage and other fields.

  • lead iron niobate

    Lead niobate (Pb(Fe0.5Nb0.5)O3) has composite perovskite structure and is a typical piezoelectric material.
    Widely used in: electrosystolic, ferroelectric, transducer, ultrasonic, medical imaging, piezoelectric actuators and other fields

  • Lithium nickel vanadate

    Lithium nickel vanadate (LiNiVO4) is a positive electrode material for lithium batteries, with high capacity, suitable for large current charging and discharging, high voltage platform, superior stability and excellent safety performance.

  • Lithium vanadium phosphate LVP

    C 5%-Li3V2( PO4 )3
    Carbon coated lithium vanadium phosphate (5%C-LVP) lithium battery anode material, strong ionic conductivity, high capacity, high voltage platform, good safety.
    Need to customized production.