Calcium tungstate

Other name: calcium wolframate, Calcium orthotungstate
CAS no. : 7790-75-2
EINECS no. : 232-219-4
Molecular formula: CaO4W
Molecular weight: 287.9156
Character white powder.
Melting point is 1580 ℃
Relative density 5.98g/cm3
Insoluble in water.

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Purity: 99%
Grade: Industry grade
Hscode: 2841803000
Package: 25kg/drum

Used for fluorescent coating, photographic light screen, medicine, X-ray photo and fluorescent lamp

1. Sodium tungstate and sodium sulfide are mixed and dissolved in water, and then zinc chloride aqueous solution is added to filter, and the filtrate is treated with pure calcium chloride to obtain calcium tungstate;
2. Calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide reacts with tungsten oxide or tungsten hydroxide in alkali metal hydroxide or carbonate solution to produce calcium tungstate.
3. Tungsten trioxide and calcium carbonate were burned at 1070℃



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