Potassium Metaphosphate

Other name: Potassium polymetaphosphate
CAS no. : 7790-53-6
EINECS no. : 232-212-6
Molecular formula: KO3P
Molecular Weight: 118.0703
Product Specifications: K2O: 40%±0.5%, P2O5:60%±1%, Fe2O3 < 2PPM, Cu < 0.1ppm, Ni, Co, Mn, Pb, Cr < 1PPM

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The highly polymerized straight-chain phosphates may have a small amount of cyclic potassium trimetaphosphate and cyclic potassium tetraphosphate. It is a colorless to white glassy block or sheet, or a white fibrous crystal or powder. Odorless. Eases dissolution in water, its solubility varies with the degree of polymerization, generally 0.004%. The aqueous solution is alkaline and soluble in ethanol.

Products used: in phosphate glass, fluorophosphate glass, laser fusion glass additive. Used as laser fusion glass additive, used to reduce the crystallization tendency of glass, increase the transparency and gloss of glass, effectively reduce the surface tension of glass, glass hardening speed is slow, but also glass clarifier, decolorizing agent and oxidant.

Food grade potassium metaphosphate can be used as fat emulsifier; Humectant; Water softener; Metal ion mixture; Tissue improvers

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