Gallium trichloride GaCl3


Purity: 99.99%
Physical characteristics: Strong hydrolysis in water, produce smoke in moist air. Melting point: 77.9℃ Boiling point: 201.03℃ Density: 2.47g/cm³
Appearance: White crystal or powder.

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Other name: Gallium(III) chloride
CAS number: 13450-90-3
EINECS number: 236-610-0
Molecular formula: Cl3Ga
Molecular weight: 176.082
Melting point: 77.9℃
Vapor pressure: 33900mmHg at 25°C

Uses: Mainly used in gallium chloride single crystal manufacturing, semiconductor doping, III-V compound semiconductor materials, basic raw materials for synthesis of organic gallium series compounds, organic reaction catalyst, organic synthesis and electronics.

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