Rhenium trichloride

Other name: Rhenium chloride
Molecular formula: ReCl3
Genus: Reduced to metal ruthenium at 250-300 掳C

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Purity: 99%

Properties: dark red or purple crystals. Melting point is 727 鈩. The boiling point of 800 ~ 850 鈩. 500 鈩 vacuum distillation, steam for the green. Soluble in water, acid, alkali, liquid ammonia and ethanol, slightly soluble in ether.

The aqueous solution was red and could not precipitate silver chloride from silver nitrate solution. It can be extracted by ether. The hydrolytic rhenium Re2O3路xH2O is slowly hydrolyzed, but it is very stable in the aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid. It is not oxidized by potassium permanganate or chlorine water at room temperature. The polymer (ReCl3)3 obtained by sublimation is a cluster compound. Under the condition of 250 ~ 300 鈩 by hydrogen reduction of metal rhenium. Rhenium tetrachloride and rhenium monochloride were formed by heating in oxygen. It was prepared by pyrolysis of pentachloride rhenium in nitrogen. It is an important raw material for preparing rhenium inorganic and organic compounds.

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