Germanium telluride

Other name: Germanium(II) telluride
CAS no. : 12025-39-7
EINECS no. : 234-706-7
Molecular formula: GeTe
Molecular weight: 200.24
Density (g/mL,25℃) : 6.14
Melting point (oC) : 725

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Appearance: black powder
Purity: 4N

Packaging: bottle: 50g/bottle, 1 kg/bottle, bottle with aluminum composite film vacuum packaging;
Storage method
Room temperature airtight avoid light, ventilated dry place

Germanium telluride crysta periodic table W, group element compound semiconductor. Ionic crystals. B.19g1} lint with triangular crystal system. Melting point is 724 C’. It is a direct bandgap semiconductor with a room-temperature forbidden bandwidth of 0.23ev. It is a narrow energy-gap semiconductor with a oct-hole mobility of 7X10 — 3mZILV”s)} degree. Used as infrared emission and detection material.

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