Magnesium oxide nano powder

Products feature:

Small size, high purity, easily to disperse.

Excellent electrical insulating property.

Good antibacterial effect.

Effectively improve the durable temperature performance of dope.

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Other name: magnesium oxide light; magnesiumoxideheavy; burnt magnesia; calcined brucite; calcined magnesite; calcinedbrucite; calcinedmagnesite; ci77711; corox; dynamag; dynatherm; elastomag 100; elastomag100; elastomag170; electromagnesia; electromagnesia (magnesium oxide); encapsulated mgo; flamarret; fused magnesium oxide; magnesium oxygen(-2) anion; Magnesia; Magnesium oxide anhydrous

CAS no. : 1309-48-4
EINECS no. : 215-171-9
Molecular formula: MgO
Molecular weight: 40.3044
Melting point: 2852 ℃
Solubility in water: 6.2 mg/L (20 ℃), reacts


Grade Particle size Purity Use
Micron 0.5—1um 99.9% Used for

Ceramics, plastics, Rubber,

flame retardant, Insulation materials

Nano 200nm 99.9% Used for Ceramics plastics, Rubber



1.As reinforcing agents, nano-magnesium oxide can be used for coating, plastic, rubber and paper and so on.
2.Used for ceramics, can reduce the sintering temperature, anti-corrosion, durable high temperature.
3.Used for flame retardant material: nano-magnesium oxide have good flame retardant Property.
4. Used other materials: fuel additives, antistatic agents and anti-corrosive, electrical insulation materials, crucibles, furnaces, insulation tube and so on.


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