Ruthenium trichloride

Other name :Ruthenium(III) chloride, Ruthenium chloride
CAS No.: 10049-08-8
EINECS number: 233-167-5
Molecular formula: RuCl3
Molecular weight: 171.976
Melting point: 500 ° C
Water soluble: INSOLUBLE
Vapor pressure: 33900mmHg at 25°C

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Uses: It can react with many reagents to form various complexes, is the starting material for preparing many ruthenium complexes, or many organic substances. Catalyst for polymerization, isomerization, hydrogenation, etc.

Properties: There are two variants of alpha and beta and water soluble RuCl3. Type α: Black solid, insoluble in water and ethanol. Beta type: brown solid with a relative density of 3.11, decomposed above 500 °C. It was prepared by a 3:1 mixture of chlorine and carbon monoxide at 330 ° C with a sponge. The β-form was converted to α-form by heating to 700 ° C in chlorine gas, and the temperature at which the α-form was converted to β-form was 450 ° C. The water-soluble antimony trichloride RuCl3·xH2O is a brown-red crystal. Dissolved in water, acid, alkali, heated to 200 ° C decomposition in air. Its aqueous solution is red. It is obtained by heating and evaporating a solution of ruthenium tetroxide in hydrochloric acid in a stream of hydrogen chloride. It reacts with many reagents to form a variety of complexes. It is also the starting material for the preparation of many ruthenium complexes. It is also a catalyst for the polymerization, isomerization and hydrogenation of many organic compounds.


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