Titanium carbonitride

English alias: TITANIUM CARBONITRIDE (7:3); TI (C/N) 30/70 a; TI (C/N) 30/70 b; TI (C/N) 30/70 C; TI (C/N) 50/50 a; TI (C/N) 50/50 b; TI (C/N) 50/50 C; Titanium carbon nitride; TiCN

CAS no. : 12654-86-3

Formula: TiCN

Molecular weight: 121.75

MDL: MFCD01868685

Density: 5.08 g/mL at 25 ℃ (lit.)

Melting point: > 350 ℃ (lit.)

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Purity: over 99%
Grain size: 200 mesh
Appearance: black powder
Features: high melting point, high hardness, wear resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.

Product basic introduction :
Titanium carbonitride is a glossy black powder, is a zero-dimensional three-dimensional solid solution, TiC and TiN is the basis of carbonitride, have a face-centered cubic lattice of NaCl structure, but also with TaC , NbC and other transition metal carbide to form a solid solution.

Product Usage:
Titanium carbonitride has the advantages of both TiC and TiN, with high melting point, high hardness, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, and has good thermal conductivity, conductivity and chemical stability, widely used in cutting tools, Powder metallurgy and cermet products. Titanium carbonitride made of cermet has the following characteristics: hardness (HRA) up to 91-95, can be achieved non-metallic ceramic tool hardness level; have good wear resistance and the ideal anti-crescent worn wear capacity.

Synthesis of Titanium Carbonitride and Its Composites

Metal-ceramic composites are one of the most promising composites, and are also an important part of modern new materials, which has attracted the attention of many developed countries in the world. Metal-ceramic composites have a wide range of applications due to their excellent properties such as high hardness, high strength, and high abrasion resistance. Industrial applications have been started. One of the typical representations of this material is metal-titanium carbonitride composites, but the biggest problem with the development of this composite material is that the material is too expensive to prepare and thus seriously affect its wider application , The high cost of preparation of this composite material is the use of high cost titanium tetrachloride (Ti (C, N)) powder in the preparation of materials. Therefore, the development of metal-ceramic composite materials, low-cost preparation of new technology is a large-scale promotion and application of this composite material key.

With the support of the national "863" high-tech project, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National University doctoral fund project, China's metal-ceramic composite materials group has successfully developed a low- A New Technology for the Preparation of Cost - Metal - Titanium Carbonitride Composites. The technology has the following notable features:

(FeTiO3) is one of the rich resources of our country, the cost is very low; ② direct reduction of ilmenite preparation of titanium carbonitride powder and metal - titanium carbonitride composite materials for the development and utilization of Fine-grained ilmenite and the preparation of high-performance low-cost composites; (3) the process itself is selective and can produce Ti-containing Ti (C, N) composite powders, (C, N) composites; ④ When the reaction product is Ti-containing Ti (C, N) composite powder, it is possible to make full use of iron elements in FeTiO3 ore, (C, N) and matrix wettability problem, which is favorable for the uniform distribution of Ti (C, N) in the matrix. (5) The elimination of intermediates can be made up of C, Al, N2 and other components Composite reduction technology.

There are related books on the low cost preparation technology of titanium carbonitride powder and the direct synthesis technology of metal-Ti (C, N) composites. The thermodynamic calculation of titanium carbonitride powder and metal-titanium carbonitride composite material prepared by direct reduction of ilmenite, thermodynamics calculation of impurity reduction in ilmenite, reaction temperature And the influence of the reaction atmosphere on the direct synthesis of Fe / Ti (C, N) composites, the analysis and evaluation of Ti (C, N) powder, the influence of iron addition, Fe / Ti (C, N) composites were evaluated and controlled.


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