Niobium metaphosphate

English name: Niobium metaphosphate

Chemical formula: Nb (PO3) 5

Molecular weight: 487.90

Properties: sodium biphosphate glass, white powder, insoluble in water, PH value: 3.8

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Quality Standard:

Purity (wt%): greater than 99%

Iron (Fe): 3-5PPM

Copper, cobalt, manganese, nickel, chromium, vanadium, titanium are less than 1PPM.

USES: mainly used in special optical glass, phosphate, fluoride phosphate glass and laser fusion glass additives, aluminum metaphosphate in fluoride phosphate glass is better than other metaphosphate tide resistance and high refractive index, abbe number is larger, then make the ultraviolet part of the dispersion is lower, the glass chemical stability and high mechanical strength, chemical stability than zirconium fluoride glass high three orders of magnitude.

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