Zinc telluride

Other name: tellanylidenezinc

CAS no. : 1315-11-3

EINECS no. : 215-260-2

Formula: TeZn.

Molecular weight: 193.009

Melting point is 1238.5 ℃

Density: 6.34 g/Ml at   25 ℃

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Purity: 99.99% , 99.999%
Particle size: Less than 100 mesh
Technology: 1Mol Zn + 1Mol Te=1Mol   ZnTe
Analysis method: ICP-MS, XRD

The zinc telluride is cubic and hexagonal, the former is produced from the melt and the latter is precipitated from the gas phase. Zinc telluride can also form a mixed telluride, which has the same quadrilateral structure, such as ZnAl2Te4 (a=510, c=1205), ZnGa2Te4 (a=593.9, c=1187), ZnIn2Te4 (a=612.2, c=1224).
Chemical properties:
Zinc telluride and dilute acid react with highly toxic hydrogen telluride (H2Te)
ZnTe + 2 h + = H2Te write + Zn2 +
Physical properties:
Zinc telluride is a kind of p-type wide bandgap semiconductor with a width of 2.26eV at room temperature and a width of 2.38eV under 77K.

Preparation method:
Method one: the polycrystalline zinc telluride is sealed in a conical quartz ampoule at one end, and the zinc telluride single crystals can be slowly grown from the melt by using the Bridgman method. In order to prevent the zinc telluride melt from sticking to the quartz container wall Quartz ampoules must be sandblasted in advance and coated with an extremely thin carbon film formed from the pyrolysis of acetone or ethanol.
Method 2: Sodium telluride (Na2Te) and zinc acetate react in water to form a yellow-brown hydrated ZnTe precipitate

The main use of zinc telluride and zinc selenide similar, can be used as semiconductor and infrared materials, and light guide, fluorescence and other characteristics.
The good electro-optical effect and mature preparation technology of zinc telluride crystal under near infrared (~ 800 nm) ultrashort pulse are commonly used optical rectifying THz radiation sources and detection materials. In the field of green light emitting devices, solar cells, waveguides and Modulators and other optoelectronic devices also have applications.

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