Cadmium Orange

Pigment Index No.:PO20
CAS no.: 57-12656-4
Chemical formula:Cd/S/Se
Crystal phase structure:Hexagonal system
G/cm3 density:4.2 ~ 5.9 g/cm3
PH: Five to eight
The oil absorption g / 100 g:16 ~ 23
105℃ volatile %:< 0.5
Water soluble content %:< 0.5
The fineness of microns:3 ~ 5 microns
Heat resistant ℃:300 ℃ or less
Light fastness:8

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Nickname for pigment: coated cadmium orange
Cadmium orange is metal oxide pigment, belongs to inorganic compound pigment. Klai cadmium orange uses high quality selenium
And synthesized by liquid phase method. The finished product is bright color, small particle size, good dispersion, with Good covering power and migration resistance. The toner has excellent weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, It is resistant to 380℃ and insoluble in solvent. It can be widely used in plastic products, plastic products and plastic products
Architectural paint.

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