Stannous pyrophosphate

Other name: Tin (II) pyrophosphate
CAS no. : 15578-26-4
EINECS no. : 239-635-5
Molecular formula: H4O7P2Sn2
Molecular weight: 415.3951

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Purity: 99%
Properties: white powder. Insoluble in water, stable in storage. Weight and packing: plastic drum, carton packing, 25kg/ drum, 25kg/ carton. USES: mainly used for non-cyanide plating tin, toothpaste filler, tin alloy plating solution, radioactive drug scanning agent. The dyeing industry is used for dyeing. Ceramic industry used for refining clay and so on. The proper addition of paint filler in the paint industry can ease the settling speed of paint and improve the paint performance.

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