Nano manganese oxide powder

Nano manganese oxide powder

Other name: Manganese(II)oxide, Manganous oxide
CAS no. : 1344-43-0
EINECS no. : 215-695-8
Molecular formula: MnO
Molecular weight: 70.9374

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Character grass green or gray green cubic crystal system powder or octahedral crystal.
Melting point is 1650 ℃
Relative density 5.43~5.46
Solubility insoluble in water, soluble in acid and ammonium chloride.



Used as depolarizer for dry cell, catalyst and oxidant for synthesis industry. Colorants, colourants, and iron removal agents for the glass and enamel industries. Used for manufacturing manganese metal, special alloys, ferromanganese castings, gas masks and electronic materials ferrite, etc. In addition, it can also be used in the rubber industry to increase the viscosity of rubber. Minimum impurity content, good oxidation performance, high grade.

Manganese dioxide powder is also used as a colorant, in ceramics, glaze, play a role in color. The common colorants in ceramics are iron oxide, copper oxide, cobalt oxide, manganese dioxide, titanium dioxide, etc., showing red, green, blue, purple, yellow and other colors. The color is bright and durable.

Raw materials in the production of glass contain cobalt, iron impurities, affecting the color of the glass, add appropriate amount of manganese dioxide can make the glass colorless, add different amounts of manganese dioxide can make the glass has different colors, manganese dioxide can produce purple, blue, black, etc..

Another use of manganese dioxide is to make ceramic and brick, tile surface coloring, such as brown, green, purple, black and other brilliant bright colors. In some western European countries, MNO2 is mainly used as the coloring material for the glazed tiles and tiles of the building materials. The color is bright, durable and not fading, which is very popular with people.

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