Tantalum nitride

Performance characteristics: high purity, no impurity phase detected by XRD
Tantalum nitride (TaN) has superior physical, chemical and mechanical properties (such as high hardness, wear resistance, chemical inertness, thermal stability and low resistance temperature coefficient), and is widely used in wear-resistant coatings, film resistors and diffusion barriers in integrated circuits

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English alias: Tantalum mononitride; nitridotantalum; nitrogen (-3) anion; tantalum (+5) cation
CAS number: 12033-62-4
EINECS No. 234-788-4
Molecular formula: N5Ta3
Molecular weight: 194.95

Tantalum nitride is a hexagonal gray crystal. Relative density 13.4; melting point 3090 ℃; thermal conductivity 9.54W / (m · K), resistivity 128μΩ · cm, microhardness 3200kg / mm2, transformation point temperature 17.8K. Do not dissolve in water, acid, slightly soluble in aqua regia, soluble in potassium hydroxide and decomposition to release ammonia. Heated to 2000 ℃ to release nitrogen. Materials used to make accurate sheet resistance, tantalum nitride resistance is resistant to water vapor erosion. Used as a superhard material additive for spraying, increasing transformer, integrated circuit, diode’s electrical stability.

Particle size Purity (%) Specific area

( m2/g )

Bulk density

( g/cm3 )

Theoretical density

( g/cm3 )


content( % )

1.0—3.0um >99.5 15 7.82 9.14 ≥6.8
-325mesh >99.5 10 8.55 9.14 ≥6.8


1, Water is usually not harmful, if there is no government permission, do not discharge material into the surrounding environment.
2, stable at room temperature and pressure to avoid the material oxide.
3, sealed at room temperature, cool, ventilated and dry place.

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