Nano vanadium dioxide VO2

Other name: Vanadium oxide; Dioxovanadium

Appearance: black powder
Grain size: 50nm, 100nm, 500nm
Purity: 99.9%, 98% ( tungsten mingle )


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CAS no. : 12036-21-4
EINECS no. : 234-841-1
Molecular formula: VO2
Molecular weight: 82.9403
InChI: InChI=1/2O.V/rO2V/c1-3-2
Vanadium dioxide (VO₂) is a metal oxide with phase transition properties. The phase transition temperature is 68 ℃. The change of the structure before and after the phase change leads to the reversible transformation of the infrared light from the transmission to the reflection. A feature of its application in the preparation of intelligent temperature control film field.

Dark blue crystal powder, monoclinic crystal structure. Density 4.260g / cm3. Melting point 1545 ° C. Do not dissolve in water, soluble in acid and alkali. Dissolved in acid can not generate tetravalent ions, and generate positive divalent vanadium oxygen ions. In the dry hydrogen stream heated to the red heat is reduced to vanadium trioxide, can also be oxidized by air or nitric acid to produce vanadium pentoxide, dissolved in alkali to produce vanadate. Can be carbon, carbon monoxide or oxalic acid reduction of vanadium pentoxide obtained. Used as a glass, ceramic colorant.

Vanadium dioxide in the material world with its rapid and sudden phase change and become different, the phase transition temperature of 68 degrees Celsius. Vanadium dioxide has the conductive properties of its optical devices, electronic devices and optoelectronic devices have a wide range of applications.

Storage conditions
This product should be sealed in a dry, cool environment, should not be exposed to the air for a long time, anti-tide agglomeration, affect the dispersion performance and the use of the effect, the other should avoid stress, do not contact with oxidants, according to ordinary cargo transport.

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