Zirconium tungstate

Other name:

Tungsten zirconium oxide ; Ditungsten zirconium octaoxide

CAS no. : 16853-74-0

EINECS no. : 240-876-3

Molecular formula: Zr(WO4)2

Molecular weight: 586.8992.

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Purity: 99.5%
Appearance: Bright green powder
Composition content (%)The test results
Zr (WO4) 2: 99.5 or higher
Mo: 0.02 or less
Cu: 0.0002 or less
Fe: 0.001 or less
Si: 0.004 or less
Pb: 0.001 or less
Na: 0.0001 or less
Cl: 0.0001 or less

Zirconium tungstate is a negative thermal expansion material with excellent performance. It has negative thermal expansion performance in the temperature range of 0.3-1050.0K. ZrW2O8 is a material with a large isotropic negative thermal expansion coefficient over a large temperature range. , is a structural, functional material with great application potential. As a negative expansion material, it is usually used to prepare a composite material with a controllable thermal expansion coefficient. ZrW2O8 mainly uses negative expansion material and photolysis water material. The thermal expansion coefficient is -4.9×10-6K-1 (430-950K, high temperature phase). At room temperature, zirconium tungstate is a cubic crystal, including a low-temperature phase and a high-temperature phase, and undergoes a transition at a temperature of about 430K.

To use:
Used in engineering ceramics, electronic ceramics, metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites, cement matrix composites, optical devices, dental materials and other raw materials.

The preparation methods
Immersion method, coprecipitation method, hydrothermal method, sol gel method, hydrothermal method, combustion method.
The solid phase products have impurities and need to be quenched, and the co-precipitation method also needs to be quenched, and the combustion method pollutes the environment, and the coprecipitation method and hydrothermal method are widely used.

Preparing materials
Secondary tungstate, zirconium oxychloride and so on.

Tungsten zirconate is difficult to synthesize, high cost and poor performance in high temperature. It is usually selected to add some substances to inhibit its decomposition, but the addition of materials remains to be analyzed.

The storage method
The room temperature is close to the light, ventilated and dry.
The development direction
The thermodynamic stability temperature range of tungsten zirconate is narrow, only between 1105-1257, the material synthesis is difficult, how to improve the product purity, and reduce the production cost is the main development direction of zirconate in the future.

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