Nano nickel oxide

English alias: Nickel sesquioxide; Nickelic oxide; Nickel peroxide; Nickel oxide (Ⅲ)

The CAS number: 1314-06-3

EINECS no. : 215-217-8

Molecular formula: Ni2O3

Molecular weight: 165.38

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Product features

High purity, small particle size, uniform distribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity, low bulk density;

As a kind of functional material, nanometer nickel oxide is mainly used as catalyst, semiconductor material (pressure sensitive, heat sensitive element), magnetic material, glass and ceramic colorant in industry.


Particle size Purity Specific area Volume density Density Crystal form
20nm 99.9% 58m2/g 0.5g/cm3 6.6g/cm3 spherical
10um 99.9% 32m2/g 1.3g/cm3 6.6g/cm3 spherical



sensitive (temperature and gas sensor) devices, magnetic materials and fuel cells;

Nickel oxide powder with nearly paper-like nano-structure has large specific surface area and high surface activity. The thickness of paper is within 20 nanometers and the size is in the order of micron.

The 3 nanometer nickel oxide flakes self-organize into a large scale (submicron length). It is an ideal material for making sensors and battery electrodes.

Ceramic additive and glass stain;

Nickel oxide 5 nm is a good catalyst for oxidation. Nickel oxide, as a catalyst for acid degradation, is very effective in treating organic dye wastewater.

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