Nano titanium diboride reinforced aluminum alloy composites

Nano-titanium diboride particle reinforced aluminum matrix composites, TiB2p/Al has excellent mechanical and physical properties, such as high specific strength and specific modulus, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, low density, good dimensional stability, etc. Moreover, compared with continuous fiber reinforced composite materials, it has a significant low-cost advantage. The materials are isotropic, easy to process, flexible and diverse preparation, and can be manufactured by traditional equipment for secondary processing, such as extrusion, calendering and forging.
Nano-titanium diboride particle reinforced aluminum matrix composite is a kind of discontinuous reinforced metal matrix composite with the fastest development and the widest application prospect in the world in the last 20 years. It is considered as an ideal lightweight structural material, which has a broad application prospect especially in motor vehicle engine piston, cylinder head (cylinder head), cylinder block and other key products and aviation industry. In particular, 3D printing of aluminum alloy parts has been widely used.
Compared with sic particles, nano-titanium diboride particles have better wettability with aluminum alloy, easy to distribute evenly in aluminum alloy solution, and the effect of particle enhancement is better.

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