Sinomineral resources is an important supplier of Cesium iodide to Yirui Technology

Yirui Technology co., LTD is a digital X-ray detector manufacturer, which is guided by the technological development trend of the whole industrial chain and the technical level is in line with international standards. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of digital X-ray detectors. Its products are widely used in medical diagnosis and treatment, industrial nondestructive testing, security inspection and other fields.

Digital X-ray detector is a typical high-tech product, which belongs to the core component of high-tech and high performance medical devices developed in “Made in China 2025”. The company is the leader of import substitution process of digital X-ray detector, is the domestic leading enterprise which successfully realizes industrialization through independent research and development and has strong international competitiveness in technology. Since its establishment, the company has successfully developed domestic amorphous silicon flat panel detector, breaking the technological monopoly of foreign manufacturers on amorphous silicon flat panel detector, and completing the transfer of industrial chain from developed countries to mainland China.

Middling resources is the world’s largest producer and supplier of cesium rubidium products. The company has cesium mining, processing, cesium fine chemical products production and provide technical services, is the world’s cesium industry chain most complete manufacturer. The high value added cesium iodide produced by the company is widely used in medical and medical devices, such as amorphous silicon cesium iodide plate detectors. The company is an important supplier of developing leading Yi Rui technology

The cesium and rubidium salt business of the company is all over the world, with many high-quality customer resources, including Shanghai Yirui Technology, Beijing Hamamatsu Photonics, wuxi Apptec, Kelaiin, Evonik, Dupont, Sigmar, Denmark Topsoe, Germany BASF, Bontai, Japan Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, Korea LG Chem, etc..

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