Research on nano aluminum nitride in thermal conductive plastics

1. Heat-conducting silica gel and epoxy resin:
Ultra-high thermal conductivity nano-aln composite silica gel has good thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation, wide electrical insulation service temperature (working temperature -60℃- 200℃), lower consistency and good construction performance. Products have reached or exceeded imported products, because can replace similar imported products and widely used in electronic devices heat transfer medium, improve work efficiency. Such as CPU and radiator gap, high-power audion, thyristor element, diode, and the substrate contact with the thin seam of the heat transfer medium. Nano thermal conductivity paste is used to fill the gap between IC or transistor and heat sink to increase the contact area between them and achieve better heat dissipation effect.

2. Application of heat-conducting plastics:
Nano aluminum nitride powder can greatly improve the thermal conductivity of plastics. By adding 5-10% of the experimental products to the plastic, the thermal conductivity of the plastic can be improved from 0.3 to 5. The thermal conductivity increased by more than 16 times. Compared with the thermal conductivity filler (alumina or magnesium oxide, etc.) on the market at present, it has the characteristics of low addition amount, improving the mechanical properties of the products, and improving the thermal conductivity effect more obviously. At present, the relevant application manufacturers have large-scale procurement of nano aluminum nitride powder, the new nano thermal conductivity plastic will be put on the market.

3. Other application fields:
Nano aluminum nitride is applied in smelting non-ferrous metal and semiconductor gallium arsenide crucible, evaporation boat, thermocouple protection tube, heat insulation, microwave dielectric materials, high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant structural ceramics and transparent aluminum nitride microwave ceramic products, and the current application and PI resin, thermal insulating mica tape, thermal grease, insulating paint, and heat conduction oil, etc.

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