Recovery of potassium fluosilicate in the production of potassium fluotitanate

This technology provides a kind of fluorine in the production of potassium titanate recycling process of potassium fluosilicate, fluorine is obtained by hydrofluoric acid will react with titanium ore leaching of iron titanate slurry, solid-liquid separation are clarified the fluorine titanium acid leaching liquid iron, then add the potassium liquid cooling crystallization, solid-liquid separation of potassium fluosilicate solid and refined fluorine titanium acid leaching of iron liquid; Will be refined fluorine iron leaching liquid and potassium titanate liquid reaction by fluoride potassium titanate slurry, solid and liquid-solid separation by fluoride potassium titanate fluoride potassium titanate mother liquor, part of the fluoride potassium titanate mother liquor preparation used for dissolving potassium chloride potassium liquid, the other part to join fluosilicate reaction recycle potassium fluosilicate, recycling of potassium fluosilicate after second mother liquid raw materials for polymeric ferric chloride. This technology can recycle fluorine, silicon, potassium and other useful elements in the wastewater and waste residue of potassium fluotitanate production process.

The invention relates to a method for preparing potassium fluotitanate from fluorinated wastewater

[Introduction] : This technology provides a method for the preparation of potassium fluotitanate from fluorinated wastewater, which is characterized by the following steps :1) add titanium dioxide to fluorinated wastewater, the mass ratio of fluoride wastewater and titanium dioxide is 3:1, react at room temperature and pressure, stir for 1~2 hours, and generate fluorinated titanate solution; 2) Under normal temperature and pressure, the saturated potassium carbonate solution was added to the above fluotitanate solution, and methyl orange was used as indicator until the methyl orange changed color and potassium fluotitanate was precipitated; 3) the suspension containing potassium fluotitanate was separated by centrifugation to separate the potassium fluotitanate solid and the remaining mother liquor; 4) The potassium fluotitanate solid was preliminally heated and dried for 4 hours at a temperature of 80~150℃, and then the potassium fluotitanate solid was heated and dried by a double-cone dryer at a temperature of 80~150℃ and a heating time of 10 hours. Finally, the finished potassium fluotitanate was obtained. This technology can reduce environmental pollution and production cost by rationally using fluorinated wastewater to prepare potassium fluotitanate.

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