The invention relates to a preparation method of nano-scale neodymium oxide lubricating oil additive

Lubricating oil is a common lubricating material, which can reduce equipment wear and tear, prolong equipment service life and reduce maintenance cost. Lubricating oil is composed of different types of base oils and various additives with different properties, among which additives can make up for the deficiency in the performance of base oils, which is an important factor to improve the properties and quality of oil products. With the increasingly harsh working conditions of equipment and the strict requirements of environmental protection, the traditional active element additives containing S, P, Cl and other elements can no longer meet the requirements. Rare earth elements have special 4F electronic structure, and their compounds have hexagonal crystal layered structure. Compared with other metals with the same crystal structure, their tribological properties are significantly different. Nano-rare earth compound particles can fill and repair the friction surface to a certain extent. Therefore, nano-rare earth compounds as lubricant additives have good anti-wear and self-repair properties.
The invention also provides a repair antiwear agent for the lubrication system of mechanical equipment, which is characterized in that it contains the nano-neodymium oxide lubricating oil additive mentioned above.
The invention relates to a nano neodymium oxide lubricating oil additive, which has the following characteristics: due to the surface tension of the lubricating oil, nano neodymium oxide particles cannot be uniformly dispersed in the lubricating oil, and nanoparticles may be formed to make the lubricating effect of the lubricating oil worse, so the lubricating oil additive must include a surface active agent. Tween60, Span20, Span 80 and polyether were mixed as surfactants, and the mixing ratio of 2:1:1:3 was obtained according to the empirical formula of hydrophilic oil. The invention has the advantages of clean process, environment-friendly environment, simple implementation conditions and convenient for large-scale continuous production. Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effects of the present invention are as follows:
(1) The nano neodymium oxide lubricating oil additive obtained by the method described in the present invention is of excellent stability and will not decompose acid-base substances and cause corrosion to parts;
(2) Nano-neodymium oxide surface modification to obtain lubricating oil additives with anti-wear and self-repair properties;
(3) The raw materials used in the method are common industrial raw materials, and the lubricating oil additive configuration method is simple and can be used for large-scale production.
Specific implementation method
The present invention is further elaborated in combination with specific embodiments. It shall be understood that these embodiments are used only to describe the invention and not to limit the scope of the invention. In addition, it should be understood that, after reading what is taught about the invention, technicians in the field may make various modifications or modifications to the invention, and these equivalent forms also fall within the scope of the claims attached to this application.
Implementation example 1
This embodiment provides a nano-neodymium oxide lubricating oil additive consisting of surface-modified nano-neodymium oxide. The raw materials for the preparation of the lubricating oil additive include: nanometer neodymium oxide 15 WWT. %; Surface active agent 85wt. %. The specific preparation steps of nano-neodymium oxide lubricating oil additives are as follows:
Step 1: Mix Twain 60, Ban20, Ban80 and polyether at a mass ratio of 2:1:1:3 to get the surfactant. polyether
Step 2: Add the nanosized neodymium oxide with a mass fraction of 15% to the surfactant obtained in Step 1 with a mass fraction of 85%, that is, get the surface-modified nano-sized neodymium oxide as the nano-sized neodymium oxide lubricant additive.
Firstly, the wear reduction and self-healing properties of nano neodymium oxide lubricating oil additives are analyzed, and then the energy saving effect of nano neodymium oxide lubricating oil additives is analyzed.
(1) Mechanism analysis of anti-wear and self-repair performance of nano neodymium oxide lubricating oil additives:
The test conditions for the friction and wear test of reciprocating pin plate: the upper pin material is ordinary grey cast iron HT250, and the lower pin is Gr15 steel. The reciprocating frequency is 4Hz, the load is 480N, the duration is 12h, and the temperature is set at 75℃.
Nanometer neodymium oxide lubricant additive was dispersed into The Richter engine lubricant with a mass fraction of 0.5% and oscillated in the ultrasonic oscillator for 15min.
Table 1 shows the friction and wear test results of reciprocating plate pins added with 0.5% nanometer neodymium oxide lubricant additive in castrol engine lubricating oil in the experimental group and not added in the control group. Among them, the mass loss of plate decreased by 62%, the mass loss of pin decreased by 78.3%, the friction coefficient and friction force decreased by 4.2%, and the average abrasion mark depth decreased by 76%. FIG. 1 shows the optical micrographs of the grinding spot in the control group, with obvious scratches and deep gully; FIG. 2 shows the optical micrographs of the grinding spot in the test group, with slight and sparse scratches. FIG. 3 and FIG. 4 show the surface topography of the control group and the test group, respectively. It can be seen from FIG. 3 that the depth of the surface gully reaches a maximum of 7016nm, while the surface gully in FIG. 4 is a maximum of 3690nm. It reflects that the additive has good anti-wear performance. Under 480N pressure, after 12h of friction, the roughness of the test group was smoother than before the test, proving that the neodymium oxide lubricant additive had the function of repairing the worn surface.
Table 1 Friction test results of reciprocating plate pin
(2) Energy saving effect analysis of nano-sized neodymium oxide lubricating oil additives:
The experiment of energy saving was carried out on the diesel engine produced by Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., LTD. The diesel engine type is 4135, cylinder diameter 135mm, stroke 150mm, compression ratio 17, size running power 66KW/1500rpm, cumulative running time 1000h.
Test conditions of energy saving test: room temperature 4.5℃, relative humidity 56%, oil consumption of fuel consumption meter measurement method is mass method.

It can be seen from the test results that the fuel consumption of the diesel engine under different loads is reduced by different degrees after adding nano-nd oxide lubricant additive, and the fuel saving rates under 70%, 80% and 90% loads are 5.63%, 5.59% and 5.27%, respectively, showing obvious energy saving effect.

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